Alexandria sets the standard for sustainability in real estate

Daniel J. Ryan, Executive Vice President – Regional Market Director (San Diego) & Strategic Operations, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., speaks to the importance of sustainability and responsibility at Alexandria.

Alexandria's green initiatives, development practices and efficient facilities management drive sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

  • Alexandria is committed to obtaining LEED® certification for all new ground-up development projects and many of our major core and shell redevelopment projects.
  • Our asset base consists of 47* LEED certified projects:
    • 5 LEED Platinum projects including California's first LEED Platinum core and shell recognition 
    • 27 LEED Gold projects
    • 15 LEED Silver projects
  • 50% of our total annual rental revenue will be generated from LEED projects upon completion of in-process projects
  • We also consistently aim to improve resource efficiency in existing buildings to minimize operating expenses for tenants, reduce our carbon footprint and green our portfolio. We accomplish this through energy optimization studies and by pursuing, when applicable, energy optimization projects targeted to reduce energy usage and costs, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • We are committed to sustainable operating practices, which include recycling, reduced energy use, lighting retrofit programs, green housekeeping practices and transportation programs targeted at reducing traffic.

As of 3/31/2017
*Upon completion of 14 in-process LEED certified projects.