Our Cluster Model

Visionary and First Mover in Developing Urban Life Science, Technology, and AgTech Clusters

Cluster ModelFounded on the belief that innovative companies are most successful when positioned in the epicenter of the world's top life science and technology ecosystems—in close proximity to world-renowned academic institutions, leading scientific and managerial talent, and sophisticated investment capital—Alexandria applies Harvard Business Professor Michael E. Porter's cluster theory as a critical element of our unique and differentiated business model.


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Big Bets on Cluster Development

Mission Bay 2004 Mission Bay Today NYC 2005 NYC Today Cambridge 2006 Cambridge Today

Alexandria foresaw today's trend of urbanization to foster innovation and collaboration, and we made the crucial early decisions to pursue our urban cluster campus strategy as the first mover in Mission Bay (2004), New York City (2005), and Cambridge (2006). 

These big bets catalyzed our unique focus on collaborative life science and technology campuses that enable and inspire the world's most brilliant minds to develop life-changing breakthroughs in our AAA innovation cluster locations.